International Conference

Translation and Interpretation in the Changing World

March, 19-20, 2015, Saransk, Russia

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We are delighted to invite you to take part in the conference «Translation and Interpretation in the Changing world». Translators and interpreters have to meet a challenge of contemporary life in the sphere of communication and translational services. Therefore the conference purpose is to search for new ways of language acquisition in training translators and interpreters in high school, to establish and develop contacts with the chairs engaged in vocational training of translators/ interpreters in Russian and foreign high schools, professional communities and translation agencies.

We hope that our conference will become a forum for sharing the experts opinions on actual problems of interlingual and intercultural communication in the global world.

We encourage theorists and practical translators / interpreters, both experienced specialists and beginners, taking their first steps in studying problems of international dialogue and translation, to participate in scientific discussions.

The conference will cover the following areas:

Russian literature in the world and cultural space. Theory, history and literary translation methodology

  • theory, history, literary translation methodology
  • problems of cultures interaction in literary translation

Theoretical and practical aspects of modern translation/interpretation

  • translation and interpretation in global informational field
  • theory and history of translation
  • technologies of translation/interpretation
  • methodology of translation/interpretation: traditions and innovations

Current issues of Philology, Linguistics and Linguistic Methodology

  • linguistic and extra linguistic aspects of communication
  • teaching foreign languages for special purposes
  • training linguists and philologists professionally

The official conference languages are English and Russian.

Preliminary registration: The participants of the conference should be preliminary registered before February 15, 2015 on the conference site or submit their theses and speeches via e-mail

Participation in the conference and publication of articles are free..

Travel expenses, accommodation and daily allowances are NOT covered by the conference coordinating committee..

The Conference coordinating committee can assist nonresidents and foreign participants of the conference in booking hotel in Saransk. Information on accommodation and the city map are placed in the section «Accommodation».

Conference program

Dr. Vadim Vitaljevich Sdobnikov, the Chief Secretary of the Russian translators Union and the author of numerous textbooks and manuals on theory and practice of translation will give his workshop “Methodology of interpreters training” within the conference days.

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Leonid Osherovich Gurevich

President of the Russian translators Union

Vadim Vitaljevich Sdobnikov

Chief secretary of the Russian translators Union

Anna Alekseevna Lukyanova

Secretary of the Russian translators Union board in legal sphere

Dr Sergio Mas Diaz

Researcher Associated to the International Research Team GIRCHE-UB-UFMG (University of Barcelona, Spain)

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Deadline for articles submission: February 15, 2015

Requirements to registration of articles: an article should be submitted via this form or via e-mail to the chief secretary of the conference as one text file including the title, short annotation, text of the article, drawings, tables, references. The annotation should not exceed 0,5 page; the article should be from 5 up 10 pages. The details of the article design are given here. The coordinating committee of the conference will notify the authors as to whether their proposals have been accepted or rejected by March 1, 2015

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We recommend sending an application via this particular form but, if nescessary, you can e-mail us manually on (download form).


Russian Federation, Republic of Mordovia, Saransk
Polezhaev st. 44a academic building 28
(The Institute of Ethnic Culture, MRSU)


March 19-20, 2015

Deadline for articles submission:

February 15, 2015


Chief secretary of the conference:

Dr. Natalya Zakharova


Dean Office of the Foreign Languages Faculty:

Saransk, Bolshevistskaya st. 68, academic building 26, room 401

Tel.: 8 (8342) 48-24-32

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